Summer Gardening

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Summer Gardening

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Summer Gardening

Enjoy your time in the garden over the festive season. Remember to keep the water up to your plants especially in pots.


The pretty pricks of the garden. I have finally given in and planted a selection of roses in my garden to achieve the summer colour I want. I have planted the beautiful Mary Rose. The lovely Rugosas and many other species not only produce flower but carry spectacular hips through Autumn until the birds get them.  The hills of Central glow with red when the briar roses are carrying hips. The double flowering rugosas generally don’t bear hips.  Scabrosa blooms a rich cerise-magenta followed by bright red hips and Rugosa Alba with creamy white flower and golden stamen.

Regular watering is key in summer. Dry and stressed roses are more vulnerable to disease, and flowering. Caring for your roses is important as they are prone to getting fungal diseases, especially when there is ample moisture in the ground, creating humidity when it is warm. Prevention is better than cure Copper (either Yates or Kiwicare) can be applied throughout summer. Or choose a combination insect/disease spray such as Shield or Spectrum.

Top tips for Summer Gardening

1.Codlin Moth Traps- Now is the time to hang these in your apple and pear trees to trap the moths before they lay their eggs. No one likes biting into a worm.

2.Control pests in the vegetable patch – Squash your slugs with Tui Quash or apply coffee grounds around your plants, spray aphids with Garlic and Chilli Spray. Neem Oil is a natural and effective of controlling whitefly, aphids, caterpillars mites and scale and will not harm any beneficial insects or bees.

3. Hanging Baskets – Give these a liquid feed every 2 weeks. Remove dead heads to keep flowering all summer. Suggestions – perennial, petunias or verbena for a sunny position. We also have readymade Baskets of flowering Petunias, annuals for instant gratification.

4.Tomatoes - indoors should be flowering and setting fruit. Once fruit is formed, increase watering and feed regularly with Tomato food. Outdoors – plant now in the garden.

5.Rhododendrons - remove dead flowers, taking care not to damage new growth. If your plants are looking a bit yellow feed with acid fertilizer and apply mulch, especially pine needles or leaf mulch.


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