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David Austin Roses

Rose wedgewood

The beauty of Roses Like fashion, gardening trends change but there is something about roses that has maintained popularity over the years. Roses are still the world’s favourite flower. One of the greatest pleasures of gardening is picking flowers for the house, but what would a summer bunch of flowers be without roses! I never thought I would want to plant so many roses in my garden but on the discovery of the uniqueness and beauty of David Austin roses my passion for roses in the garden has grown. On a recent trip to the England I fulfilled a dream of visiting the place where some of the world’s most beautiful roses......read more

Ellerslie Flower show 2014

ODT 41

PASSION A showcase of plants at Ellerslie Flower Show 2014 Sally Brown took on the challenge of an exhibit garden at Ellerslie Flower Show 2014.  We are delighted to annouce it was a very successful winning the following awards: Silver Medal, Supreme Horticultural Award & Yates People's Choice Award Here is a link to our facebook page with photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.676288112418059.1073741835.107408635972679&type=1[https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.676288112418059.1073741835.107408635972679&type=1]  Design Brief A celebration and showcase of quality plants grown in by professionals. A combination of both common and rare plants blended together to create and engaging and colourful garden. The longer you look at the garden the more you see. Growers and nurserymen have a passion and a unique skills of growing the......read more

Winter Jewels

Winter Jewels of the Garden Cold, frosty winters make gardening a challenge but the rewards of clear sunny days and a delightful Spring display of bulbs, blossom and paeonies, is all worth it. A bit of thought and planning needs to go into getting your garden through winter. It is not as hard as it seems, but if you have plants in your garden that are marginal in  cold winters it is worth taking some precautions.  You can protect plants by a layer of mulch but not too close to woody stems, covering with frost cloth or moving pots under cover. Keep a particular eye on plants which are in......read more

Winter June

June gardening Tips  Winter brings the cooler shorter days but lots of exciting events on the gardening calendar. Garlic and Shallots are to be planted on the shortest day of the year. Printanor Garlic is a french variety which has become the mainstay commercial variety grown in New Zealand.  It is an easy to grow variety producing medium sized cloves. Printanor is a high oil content garlic.  Winter also brings the arrival of an abundance of roses, fruit, nuts, shrubs and deciduous trees. So on those cold days behind glass, plan your orchard planting. Walnuts are an old favourite. Most of us have had some sort of memories cracking nuts and also......read more


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